Redistricting drama continues

The fallout from last month’s dramatic redistricting session continues. This week, Rep. Marty Wilde (D-Lane County) joined Republicans who are already challenging several of the state legislative district boundaries as well as the Congressional maps. any of the efforts to seek legal changes will be successful is unclear. However, the legal claims add to the political drama moving into the 2022 session as several legislators are resigning or retiring prior to the 2022 session, and speculation continues over which current elected officials may run for Oregon’s new 6th Congressional District (or the existing 5th district). The challenges and changes will shape an already uncertain legislative session next February. Of course, the growing field of gubernatorial candidates also may play a role as various individuals position for a dramatic governor’s race.

Posted at Natural Resource Report: by J.Williams on 11/03/21

Date: 2021-11-03 08:32

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