Sex Work Decriminalization Campaign Withdraws Petition

NYC Will No Longer Prosecute Prostitution, Dismisses 900 ...An advocacy group seeking to decriminalize sex work through a ballot initiative withdrew its petition Jan. 21. “We are fully committed to decriminalizing and destigmatizing sex work in Oregon,” Anne Marie Bäckstöm, political director of the Sex Worker Rights campaign, tells WW. “We withdrew Initiative Petition 42 to take a chance and tweak and improve the policy. We have never been more committed to this work and to the community, and that is why we withdrew.” The group had filed its prospective petition with the state on Nov. 16 and, in mid-December, it qualified to draft a ballot initiative title. It is unclear whether the campaign plans to refile again for the upcoming November election. Bäckstöm says Aaron Boonshoft, the chief petitioner whom the campaign describes as “an Oregon philanthropist, an advocate of human rights, and a client of legal, consensual sex work,” made the decision to withdraw. The withdrawal marks the second time in the past two years that advocacy groups have tried and failed to decriminalize sex work in Oregon. Last February, state Rep. Rob Nosse (D-Portland) filed House Bill 3088 at the request of an East Coast advocacy group called the Sex Workers Project. The bill died in committee in June during the 2021 session.

Posted on Willamette Week by WW Staff on 01/26/22

Date: 2022-01-26 08:09

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  1. Special interest groups, especially those from outside our own state should not be allowed to come in here and try to get their sick agenda passed into laws.

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