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The warning clearly states these masks do not eliminate the risk of contracting any virus.

In the year plus of going around the merry-go-round about masks with this, that, and the other experts weighing in, some conclude Occam’s Razor applies appropriately to the mask question. The simplest explanation may be the most accurate explanation. Mask boxes and packages made in Communist Party China warn consumers masks are not for viruses. Some directly read “…not for coronaviruses…”

Are any more words necessary? For those needing a a fuller explanation listen to OSHA experts.

How does the state of Oregon know an emergency is in play? An emergency according to the dictionary is “…a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.” Governor Kate Brown in all her Executive Orders made no mention of the following section of the Oregon emergency law ORS 401.165(5):

“(5) Any proclamation of a state of emergency must specify the geographical area covered by the proclamation. Such area shall be no larger than necessary to effectively respond to the emergency.”

A shall and a must are imperative in law. Subsection (5) of the emergency law advised and directed the governor and her administrative entities that every square inch of Oregon including the Pacific Ocean could not be shutdown. There are counties in Oregon with no deaths attributed to COVID-19.

The Oregonian in March 2020 per Oregon Sciences and Health University in an article declared the homeless the most vulnerable because of their chronic health issues and they would die. Not one COVID-19 death in the homeless community in Portland, Oregon.

Recently a study by OHSU testing a portion of the Portland homeless produced all negative test results for COVID-19. As well in Portland no child has died from COVID-19. The most compelling issue thus for parents and other professionals working with children is why the governor gave an illegal order to mask children up then in each succeeding order made the age of masking children up younger and younger?

The Constitution of the United States of America and the Oregon Constitution are foundational documents that must be adhered to by the Oregon legislature, by the governor and by the courts in conducting the business of we the people in Oregon.

In the Oregon legislature we have citizen legislators elected by we the people. New legislators can be at a disadvantage by when and how they learn the ropes of writing and passing legislation as well as navigating seemingly entrenched bureaucratic agencies. Getting back to Occam’s Razor this section of the Oregon Constitution might be most helpful to the duties of the legislature, the governor, secretary of state and we the people:

“Section 21, Acts to be plainly worded. Every act, and joint resolution shall be plainly worded, avoiding as far as practicable the use of technical terms.“

If it can’t pass the “…plainly worded…” test such laws are in violation of the Oregon Constitution.

Of concern to many citizens is the locking down of the state Capitol building in Salem, Oregon. Did the locking down and locking out of the citizens of Oregon make the legislative session just ended null and void?

The shutdown of the state of Oregon, its people, its children, its businesses have most citizens looking at the very structure of Oregon state leadership, and these citizens wonder why Communist Party China was the one to tell all citizens masks do not work for viruses. Yet the governor of Oregon went on television repeatedly with her words to Oregonians to “mask up”. Masks from the beginning were not and are not for viruses.

–Margo Logan
Posted at Northwest Observer on 7-1-21

Post Date: 2021-07-01 09:43:19

Date: 2021-07-05 06:40

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