Testify on OSHA Budget HB 5510


Testimony Opportunity for Agency Performance Department of Consumer and Business Services (OSHA) Monday April 12, 2021 at 8:00 am 

Link to submit testimony, written or oral (for oral testimony, you must register first):  https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Committees/JWMTR/2021-04-12-08-00/Agenda 

Note: OSHA is a part of DCBS 

Likely Committee Allies: Senator Bill Hansell, Representatives Jack Zika, Gary Leif 

Likely Committee Foes: Senator Lee Beyer (Co-Chair), Representative David Gomberg (Co-Chair), Senator  Kayse Jama, Representatives Paul Evans, Julie Fahey. 

Suggested opening script: Thank you, Chair [Last Name of Presiding Chair], members of the committee.  My name is [Your Name] and I represent [Name of Organization, if Applicable] and I live in [Hometown] 

Note: If you aren’t officially speaking for an organization, leave that part out. 

Note: If you have any relevant credentials or professional accolades, add them at the end. “I hold a Ph.D., I am a licensed physician, I am a business owner, I am a teacher, etc.”

Talking Points 

Feel free to use these ideas or think up something yourself.  

Note: When using talking points, please be conscious that others may be using the same talking points,  and if the same key phrases are used in the same order by different people, it starts to look like  astroturf. Use synonyms and capture ideas in different and creative ways. Integrate your own points. 

Excessive Fines 

Oregon Constitution, Article I, Section 16. Excessive bail and fines. Excessive bail shall not be required,  nor excessive fines imposed. 

Making OSHA Rules Permanent 

This was supposed to be about hospital capacity, then until we had the vaccine. Agency is Supposed to be About Workplace Safety, not Public Health 

The disease is not typically spread in most workplaces. 

Recommendations to the Committee 

It’s not really realistic that you ask committee members to vote “no” on the budget, though your  testimony might give some members an opportunity to do so as a protest. With a few exceptions, the 

Legislature gives executive branch agencies their marching orders. Here are some possible things that  you could recommend to the committee, using existing instruments. 

Budget Note 

According to Legislative Fiscal Office, “a budget note is a formal directive to a state agency expressing  legislative intent for a particular budget issue. [It] is technical in nature, directing an agency to take  administrative and managerial action relating to the agency’s execution of its biennial budget.” 

Key Performance Measures 

The Legislature creates many Key Performance Metrics for Agencies. These are measurable indicators of  agency performance.  

While you’re handing out $18,000 fines to businesses, are you failing to properly keep workers really  safe? 


You don’t need to make a recommendation. You can just complain. This is your chance.

Date: 2021-04-05 07:10

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