The Oregon Wizard of Oz

Businesses always had the power…

Some Oregon businesses remained open throughout 2020-2021 by taking their rights of due process without taking OSHA or Oregon governor Kate “The Wizard of Oz” Brown to court.

Throughout Brown’s many television appearance edicts that violated the Oregon emergency law, ORS 401.165(5), she acted as though Oregonians would obey her words. Some Oregon businesses kept it simple, business owners who knew their rights, and owners did so without going to court and it cost them no money. As the Good Witch said in the Wizard of Oz, “You always had the power my dear.”

Some businesses strategically learned; it is not required to immediately answer a state government employee’s email question about a complaint allegation. The OSHA complaint allegation put to one business was “Are you open?” The business owner’s response was to thank OSHA for their email then to request this information from OSHA:

“To respond comprehensively, cogently, and cooperatively I request documents to review, consider, evaluate, and analyze regarding Complaint #______.

Please send hard copies of the following & specifically highlight subsections of these laws you deem applicable to #________ and highlight them in yellow:

  1. The United States Constitution
  2. The Oregon Constitution
  3. Federal Civil Rights laws
  4. Oregon State Law

Hard copies are necessary if by chance the state of Oregon issues to me some other legal document then you and I both have hard copies of the same document where both documents, the original to me; and the copy that stays with you then we both have the same highlighted sections/subsections of law showing your decision as an Oregon government worker the legal decision you made that applied to this complaint allegation.

Please consult with your attorney before sending the materials. I could locate no information as to who the OSHA attorneys are that provided you legal advice prior to you as a government worker taking this action of contacting me about a complaint”.

That business owner never heard from OSHA again. Eight months now and OSHA has been quiet as a mouse. A template was created from that success and shared with other businesses and citizens to share far and wide in meetings and on social media that American citizens have foundational rights, that a “rule” shall not violate law and a business can take their God given rights without spending money or going to court.

State government agencies only have the trappings, the illusion of power and state government employees fervently hope businesses and citizens will go along with that illusion, and not pull back that Wizard of Oz curtain and know, “You had the power all along, my dear.”

Given the accelerated learning of businesses in 2021 that their due process rights can be used without stepping into a courtroom and with zero cost to the business owner, some consider it unwise for the governor to get on television again to verbally order any more shutdowns of businesses, the masking of adults and particularly egregious the masking of children.

Kate Brown’s governing 2020 theme was “Revenge is a dish best served cold and slowly” as she violated ORS 401.165(5), the emergency law that was a shall that she could not shutdown every square inch of Oregon including the Pacific Ocean.

The curtain has been pulled back and Oregonians foundational rights via the Creator, the U.S. Constitution, the Oregon Constitution, Federal Civil Rights laws, and Oregon laws are in her face now per the many Oregonians who never gave up their rights, who knew they “…had the power all along…”.

–Margo Logan

Posted on Northwest Observer, 7-3-21

Date: 2021-07-05 06:21

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