The War Room will be every Thursday
at the  IKE BOX café in the BAY ROOM!
299 Cottage St, NE, Salem
one block from the Capital
Join us April 13

 Learn lobbying, testifying and analyzing.

Legislative Speaker each week.



Agriculture, Land Use, Natural Resources, and Water, 3PM
  • Public Hearing
    • SB 479 Directs State Department of Agriculture to adopt rules allowing donation of meat to charitable organizations and other organizations that offer food for noncommercial purposes.
    • SB 507 A Makes certain changes to farm direct marketing law.
    • SB 887 Provides that, in suit for recovery of damages for unlawful taking or possession of food fish, damages shall be twice fair market value of food fish, as established by State Fish and Wildlife Commission by rule.
Economic Development and Small Business,1PM
  • Public Hearing
    • SB 814 A (1:05 – 1:25 pm) Declares intent of Legislative Assembly to displace competition under state action doctrine to allow public cargo or passenger port located in this state and any other public port, including member of Northwest Marine Terminal Association, to coordinate, reach agreements on and implement action that is within port’s authority, including actions to specify rates and charges, rules, practices and procedures with respect to cargo and passenger service operations and planning, development, management, marketing, operations and uses of public port facilities.
    • SB 616 (1:25 – 1:45 pm) Allows holder of direct shipper permit to ship up to five cases of cider or malt beverages, each containing not more than nine liters, per month to Oregon resident.
Emergency Management, General Government, and Veterans, 1PM
  • Public Hearing
    • SB 442 A Permits contracting agency to grant preference to procuring for public use goods that are fabricated or processed, or services that are performed, entirely within this state if goods or services cost not more than five percent more than goods not processed or fabricated, or services not performed, entirely within this state if contracting agency can reasonably and credibly determine that procuring at higher price offsets environmental costs of transporting goods or service providers from outside this state.
    • SB 478 A Provides that portion of Oregon Highway 82 shall be known as Deputy Raymond Williams and Deputy Michael Cheney Memorial Highway.
    • SB 538 A Provides that state agency that accepts or collects payment by means of credit card or debit card may add fee or surcharge to sum of payment in amount that is reasonably calculated to offset amounts charged to or withheld from state agency for accepting credit card or debit card as payment.
Housing and Homelessness, 8AM
  • Public Hearing
    • SB 437 A Allows specified production of food in planned community by lot owners and their tenants.
    • SB 503 A Eliminates requirement for unanimous consent of owners of affected lots or units in planned community when method of determining liability for common expenses or right to common profits is changed.
    • SB 702 Allows Appraiser Certification and Licensure Board to require training on implicit bias and state and federal fair housing laws for real estate appraisers.
Judiciary, 8AM
  • Public Hearing
    • SB 586 Makes restorative justice communications confidential.
    • SB 787 Expands crime of assault in the third degree to include assault of public transit vehicle operator acting in course of official duty.
Rules, 1PM
  • Public Hearing
    • HB 2683 Provides that child who has open case in child welfare system is eligible to participate in Employment Related Day Care subsidy program.
    • HB 3306 A Requires entity that receives funds for certain workforce program initiatives to establish wage standards for individuals who participate in program administered by entity if, under program, entity provides individuals with paid work experience.
    • HB 3568 Requires Bureau of Labor and Industries to study issues related to working conditions of warehouse workers.


Education, 3PM
  • Public Hearing
    • HB 3037 Directs Oregon State University Extension Service to collaborate with Department of Education for purpose of identifying and collecting student data relevant for maintenance of outdoor school programs.
    • HB 2240 Exempts from health care interpreter requirements individuals providing services as employees or contractors of school districts, public charter schools and education service districts.
    • HB 2905 Expands list of individuals whose histories, contributions and perspectives are required to be included in social studies academic content standards and in related textbooks and instructional materials.
    • HB 3560 Prohibits person from suing Higher Education Coordinating Commission for commission’s performance, or failure to perform, any duty, function or power relating to psilocybin products following effective date of Ballot Measure 109 (2020).
    • HB 2280 Modifies requirements of consent for purposes of school district sexual harassment policies.
Energy and Environment, 1PM
  • Public Hearing
    • HB 3220 A Modifies provisions of electronics recycling program.
    • HB 3273 A Repeals Department of Environmental Quality’s dry cleaner environmental program.
Finance and Revenue, 3PM
  • Public Hearing
    • SB 465 Provides that property of company that is organized and located outside of this state and exclusively operates jet boat excursion business on boundary rivers of this state and not on rivers within this state is not subject to central assessment for purposes of property taxation.
    • SB 1034 Directs Department of Education to make biennial transfer to Oregon Military Department from State School Fund for purpose of paying costs of educational services provided through programs operated by military department for at-risk youth.
Judiciary, 1PM
  • Public Hearing
    • HB 2129 Exempts from prosecution for unlawfully obtaining contents of communication person who did not participate in initially obtaining communication regarding matter of public concern.
    • HB 2130 Removes requirement that Attorney General appoint service provider and adopt rules for operation of environmental claims mediation program.
    • HB 2405 A Requires that court dismissing charges involving orders of commitment due to defendant lacking fitness to proceed also order transport of defendant back to jurisdiction in which charges were initiated.
    • HB 2292 Provides, with respect to contract with landscape contracting business, right of rescission within three business days after contract execution.
Labor and Business 8AM
  • Public Hearing and Possible Work Session
    • HB 2573 A Requires Employment Relations Board to develop guidelines and procedures for authorizations designating bargaining representatives of bargaining unit to be prepared and signed electronically.
    • HB 2922 Increases bond amounts that persons licensed by Construction Contractors Board must maintain.
    • HB 3331 Amends eligibility requirements for employee to receive benefits under shared work plan.
  • Public Hearing
    • HB 2759 A Provides that person that knows or consciously avoids knowing that another person is engaging in act or practice that violates laws that regulate telephone solicitations or use of automatic dialing and announcing devices and nonetheless provides substantial assistance or support for violation is liable for loss and subject to penalty to same extent as person that engaged in violation.
    • HB 2982 A Requires insurer to offer 70 percent of coverage insured previously purchased for contents of residence to insured without requiring inventory of loss if total loss of contents occurs as result of major disaster.
Rules, 3PM
  • Public Hearing
    • SB 167 Alters dates by which special district recall petitions must be filed and verified.
    • SB 177 Requires state agencies to produce materials relevant to audits conducted by Secretary of State.
  • Public Hearing and Possible Work Session
    • SB 1089 Establishes Universal Health Plan Governance Board.
Ways and Means Subcommittee On Natural Resources, 1PM
  • Public Hearing
    • SB 5540 Watershed Enhancement Board – Local Grants

Date: 2023-04-12 05:26

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