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Education, 3PM, HR B

  • HB 3383 Increases membership of State Board of Education to include additional representative of congressional district and to include member engaged as classified staff member for public school or education service district.
  • HB 2609 Changes operative date from January 1, 2026, to effective date of Act, for law removing authority of Teacher Standards and Practices Commission from establishing and collecting fee from educator preparation provider based on number of license applications received by commission from provider or type of educator preparation programs offered by provider.

Energy and Environment, 1PM, HR B

  • HB 3043 A Revises provisions relating to chemicals in children’s products.
  • HB 2531 Prohibits sale or distribution in this state of new screw- or bayonet-base type compact fluorescent lamps on or after January 1, 2024.

Finance and Revenue, 3PM, HR A

  • SB 1018 Imposes personal income tax at flat rate if taxpayer has adjusted gross income below threshold amount.

Judiciary, 1PM, HR D

  • HB 2129 Exempts from prosecution for unlawfully obtaining contents of communication person who did not participate in initially obtaining communication regarding matter of public concern.
  • HB 2130 Removes requirement that Attorney General appoint service provider and adopt rules for operation of environmental claims mediation program.

Labor and Business, 8AM, HR B

  • HB 2274 A Permits Director of Department of Consumer and Business Services to make any proper inquiry of person or matter connected with offering, purchasing or selling any security or conducting securities business and requires person to reply promptly and truthfully to inquiry.
  • HB 2285 Removes obsolete provisions relating to Social Security Revolving Account.
  • HB 3412 A Authorizes physician assistants to provide same level of service as nurse practitioners for workers’ compensation claims in managed care organization setting.

Rules, 3PM, HR C

  • SB 167 Alters dates by which special district recall petitions must be filed and verified.
  • SB 177 Requires state agencies to produce materials relevant to audits conducted by Secretary of State.

Veterans, Emergency Management, Federal and World Affairs, 8AM, HR C

  • HB 2146 A Provides that portion of U.S. Highway 30, beginning where highway intersects with U.S. Highway 101 and ending at Idaho state line, shall also be known as Oregon Gold Star Families Memorial Highway.
  • HB 2147 A Directs governing body of each county to designate person to ensure interment of unclaimed cremated remains of veteran or survivor of veteran.
  • HB 2295 Broadens public contracting preference for businesses that service-disabled veterans own to include all veteran-owned businesses.


Agriculture, Land Use, Natural Resources, and Water, 3PM, HR D

  • SB 479 Directs State Department of Agriculture to adopt rules allowing donation of meat to charitable organizations and other organizations that offer food for noncommercial purposes.
  • SB 507 A Makes certain changes to farm direct marketing law.
  • SB 887 Provides that, in suit for recovery of damages for unlawful taking or possession of food fish, damages shall be twice fair market value of food fish, as established by State Fish and Wildlife Commission by rule.

Emergency Management, General Government, and Veterans, 1PM, HR A

  • SB 994 Modifies who may be appointed as temporary Assistant State Judge Advocates from officers of organized militia to members of organized militia who are members in good standing of Oregon State Bar.
  • SB 1033 Defines “active service,” “active service of the state” and “state active duty.”
    Expands authority of Adjutant General, with approval of Governor, to order members of organized militia into active service of the state.

Housing and Homelessness, 8AM, HR F

  • SB 437 A Allows specified production of food in planned community by lot owners and their tenants.
  • SB 1013 Requires counties to allow certain rural homeowners to site one recreational vehicle on their property.
  • SB 893 A Requires Housing and Community Services Department to take actions to implement recommendations from 2021 Task Force on Homelessness and Racial Disparities.

Judiciary, 8AM, HR D

  • SB 212 A Makes confidential and exempts from discovery and public records certain communications and information conveyed during, to facilitate or to follow up on peer support check-in sessions with Oregon Youth Authority employees.
  • SB 902 Permits person who is 20 years of age or older at time of resentencing for crime committed when person was under 18 years of age to continue temporary assignment to youth correction facility if person was temporarily assigned to youth correction facility following original sentence.
  • SB 903 Directs Oregon Youth Authority to maintain certain demographic data.
  • SB 904 A Modifies criteria for determining maximum allowable population levels for youth correction facilities.

Revenue, 8:30AM, HR A

  • HB 2527 Amends certain provisions of program for special assessment of wildlife habitat land relating to monitoring of implementation by landowner of approved wildlife habitat conservation and management plan.

Date: 2023-04-15 11:55

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