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Education, 3pm, HR B

  • HB 2275 Requires applicants for Student Investment Account grants to take into consideration recommendations of advisory groups formed by Department of Education in relation to statewide education plans.
  • HB 2281 A Requires school districts and public charter schools to designate civil rights coordinator.
  • HB 2504 A Directs Department of Early Learning and Care to adopt standards and processes to reduce barriers that impede international early childhood professionals from entering early learning workforce in Oregon.
  • HB 3135 Preserves additional funding for small school districts that merge with one or more school districts if certain conditions are met.
  • HB 3178 A Increases amount of scholarships that may be awarded by Higher Education Coordinating Commission to diverse teacher candidates.
  • HB 2740 A Modifies method for calculation of hours of employment of academic employees of community colleges and public universities for purposes of Public Employees Retirement System.

Finance and Revenue, 3PM, HR A

  • SB 465 Provides that property of company that is organized and located outside of this state and exclusively operates jet boat excursion business on boundary rivers of this state and not on rivers within this state is not subject to central assessment for purposes of property taxation.
  • SB 1034 Directs Department of Education to make biennial transfer to Oregon Military Department from State School Fund for purpose of paying costs of educational services provided through programs operated by military department for at-risk youth.
  • HB 2158 Provides that unused portion of amount of pass-through revenue bonds authorized for issuance in preceding biennium carries forward until legislation authorizing amount of pass-through revenue bonds for current biennium is enacted.

Judiciary, 1PM, HR D

  • HB 3148 Authorizes peace officer to request order from circuit court for information regarding missing individual.
  • HB 3275 Provides that supervision of certain misdemeanor offenders reverts to Department of Corrections if county opts out of providing correctional services.

Labor and Business, 8AM, HR B

  • HB 2057 A Makes contractor jointly and severally liable in civil or administrative action for unpaid wages of unrepresented employee of subcontractor at any tier.
  • HB 3213 A Prohibits manufacturer from selling or offering to sell cosmetic developed through use of cosmetic animal test.
  • HB 3471 A Makes unlawful employment practice for employer to request or require worker to enter into settlement or agreement disposing of workers’ compensation claim that bars worker from seeking further employment with employer unless such provision is first requested by worker.

Rules, 3PM, HR C

  • SB 233 Increases salaries of state court judges.
  • SB 85 Requires State Department of Agriculture to study confined animal feeding operations.
  • SB 398 Requires State Department of Agriculture to study confined animal feeding operations.

Veterans, Emergency Management, Federal and World Affairs, 8AM, HR C

  • HB 2160 A Amends abandonment presumptions for securities and distributions.
  • HB 2737 A Allows agencies to sell, lease or donate agency’s real property or interests in real property to eligible Indian tribes notwithstanding ordinary transfer procedures.
  • HB 3201 A Requires Oregon Business Development Department to provide financial assistance to support broadband access, affordability and adoption.



Emergency Management, General Government, and Veterans, 1PM, HR A

  • SB 11 Requires state boards or commissions that conduct public meetings through electronic means to record and promptly publish recording on website or hosting service so that public may observe or listen to meetings free of charge.
  • SB 510 Directs Public Records Advocate to estimate biennial costs to carry out duties of advocate and to allocate and assess costs among public bodies of state government.

Housing and Homelessness, 8AM, HR F

  • SB 406 A Requires certain cities and communities in Tillamook County to allow middle housing on residentially zoned lands, to adopt housing production strategies and to accommodate estimated housing needs upon lands inventoried as buildable lands.
  • SB 1069 A Allows residential landlord and tenant to agree to provide written notices by electronic mail and allow landlord to refund moneys by electronic means.

Judiciary, 8AM, HR D

  • SB 211 Repeals sunset on requirement for Department of Corrections to provide training for basic certification of corrections officers employed by department.
  • SB 806 Permits obligor who is required to maintain life insurance policy to cover child support obligations to move court to modify portion of judgment requiring maintenance of life insurance policy under specified circumstances.
  • SB 895 Modifies offense of passing in no passing zone.

Revenue, 8:30AM, HR A

  • HB 2757 A Expands and provides funding for coordinated crisis services system including 9-8-8 suicide prevention and behavioral health crisis hotline.

Rules, 1PM, HR C

  • HB 2045 Requires Oregon Health Authority to study access to health care in Oregon.
  • HB 3197 Limits requirement that development regulations be clear and objective to development of housing within urban growth boundaries.
  • HB 2468 Requires landlord to allow dwelling to be used as family child care home.
  • HB 3254
    Requires Higher Education Coordinating Commission to establish statewide semiconductor industry consortium for purpose of building robust, strategic partnerships between semiconductor industry, institutions of education, workforce organizations and community-based  organizations.
  • HB 3333 Permits Department of Human Services to require specified providers to submit corrective action
    plan in lieu of investigating report of suspected abuse of child in care in certain circumstances.
  • SB 168 A Expressly prohibits public employees, while on job during working hours or while otherwise working in official capacity, from promoting or opposing appointment, nomination or election of public officials.
  • HB 2008 Specifies property and funds of judgment debtor that are exempt from execution or garnishment

JOINT Transportation, 5PM, HR F

  • HB 2098 Requires Department of Transportation to study development of uniform standards for speed bump height and markings.

Date: 2023-04-24 12:43

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