The War Room will be every Thursday
at the  IKE BOX café in the BAY ROOM!
299 Cottage St, NE, Salem
one block from the Capital
Join us March 3O

 Learn lobbying, testifying and analyzing.

Legislative Speaker each week.

This week is Senator Boquist around 9am.

BILLS WITH PUBLIC HEARING ON MARCH 30 – check bills in bold needing testimony. Also check Oregon Citizens Lobby Alert Page.


  • SB 278 Requires separate calculation of virtual public charter school ADMw if school district that sponsors virtual public charter school had decrease in ADMw as compared to previous school year.
  • SB 409 Prescribes information related to courses of study offered by school district that district school board must ensure is provided on school district’s website.
  • SB 1050 Aligns implementation date of academic content standards for Holocaust and genocide studies with implementation date of academic content standards for ethnic studies.
  • SB 1066 Establishes Task Force on For-Profit Providers of Educational Services in Virtual Public Charter Schools.
  • SB 885 Appropriates moneys from General Fund to State Library for biennium beginning July 1, 2023, for purpose of hiring consultant to assist libraries apply for federal moneys for purpose of providing broadband access.
  • SB 1075 Directs Department of Education to establish school media program standards and provide technical assistance related to those standards.
  • SB 262 Requires Higher Education Coordinating Commission to conduct study to determine best method for decreasing student debt held by students who attend public post-secondary institutions of education

SENATE Energy and Environment

  • SB 522 Changes name of “Oregon Global Warming Commission” to “Oregon Climate Action Commission.” Modifies membership and duties of commission.

SENATE Judiciary, 1PM, HR D

  • SB 185 Requires Department of Justice to study immigration in this state.
  • SB 337 Directs Public Defense Services Commission to study ways to improve provision of public defense services within this state, and to provide results of study to interim committees of Legislative Assembly no later than December 31, 2024.
  • SB 413 Establishes Public Defense Services Student Loan Repayment Assistance Program in Oregon State Bar to provide forgivable loans to eligible public defense attorneys for outstanding student loans.
  • SB 957 Expands types of prior convictions that increase offense level for crime of public indecency.

SENATE Veterans, Emergency Management, Federal and World Affairs, 8AM, HR C

SJM 6 Urges Congress to enact legislation granting statehood to Washington, D.C.

HOUSE Agriculture, Land Use, Natural Resources, and Water, 3PM, HR D

  • HB 3368 Directs Water Resources Department to produce state of water resources report and basin water assessments. [scheduled solely for the purpose of hearing testimony from people who previously signed up to testify at the meeting on March 21, 2023.]
  • HB 3021 Establishes that perfected and developed water right is not subject to forfeiture if owner of water right ceased to use all or part of water appropriated for period of five successive years because owner engaged in water conservation practices or distribution of water that owner received from water district was less than certificated maximum for period of at least five successive years.
  • HB 3207 Amends reporting requirements for real estate transaction sampling of domestic wells to require labs conducting tests to submit results to Department of Environmental Quality.
  • HB 3362 Allows city or county to validate unit of land that had been approved for creation or recognition that was later revoked after sale to innocent purchaser.


HOUSE Economic Development and Small Business, 1PM, HR F

  • HB 3349 Establishes regional solutions infrastructure director within Regional Solutions Program.
  • HB 3416 Appropriates moneys to Oregon Business Development Department for distribution to recipients for industrial lands projects.
  • HB 3532 Allows Arts Program to use up to five percent of value of Trust for Cultural Development Account for certain administrative purposes.

HOUSE Emergency Management, General Government, and Veterans, 1PM, HR A

  • HB 2701 Increases retirement benefits and lowers normal retirement age under Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan for telecommunicators and employees of Oregon State Hospital.
  • HB 3515 Provides that city with population greater than 600,000 may refer ballot measure to electors to form park and recreation district and have entirety of governing body of city serve as entirety of membership of board of district so formed.
  • HB 3572 Requires contracting agency to grant preference to procuring for public use goods or services that are provided by benefit company incorporated, organized, formed or created under laws of this state, if goods or services cost not more than five percent more than goods or services available from contractor that is not benefit company.

HOUSE Housing and Homelessness, 8AM, HR F

  • HB 3503 Repeals prohibition on local rent control.
  • HB 2879 Requires Housing and Community Services Department to study affordable housing for college students.
  • HB 3589 Prohibits use of assessed historic property as vacation occupancy unless property is owner’s primary residence.

HOUSE Judiciary, 8AM, HR D

  • HB 2337 Directs Oregon Criminal Justice Commission to study effect of sentencing types on recidivism rates, and to provide results of study to interim committees of Legislative Assembly no later than December 31, 2024.
  • HB 3390 Prohibits sale, offer for sale or trade of fur product in State of Oregon

HOUSE Rules, 1PM, HR C

  • HB 2109 Requires Secretary of State to study and evaluate importance of corporations in Secretary of State’s business registry functions and revenue.
  • HCR 20 Commemorates 150th anniversary of opening of Willamette Falls Locks
  • HCR 28 Recognizes and honors Lieutenant Colonel Herman A. “Mac” MacDonald, Jr. (1929-2022), for his service to his state, country and fellow veterans.
  • SCR 5 A In memoriam: Mary Curtis Gramley (1936-2021).

JOINT Transportation, 5PM, HR F

  • HB 3188 Expands Department of Transportation’s authority to allow specified counties, including Marion County, to designate speeds on highways within county’s jurisdiction under certain circumstances.
  • HB 3202 Requires most outdoor lighting fixtures on public lands or constructed for projects receiving state funds to use certain shielded lighting fixtures.
  • HB 3438 Permits motor vehicle drawing trailer to also draw farm trailer under specified conditions.

Ways and Means Subcommittee On Natural Resources, 1PM, HR E

  • HB 5018 Department of Environmental Quality

Date: 2023-03-27 02:54

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