SB 1510 Refuse consent to search and prohibits stops for vehicle light outages

Signed into law by Gov Brown on 3-24-22
Status (overview) of bill:
Declared an emergency.

This bill moves $10 million from Oregon Criminal Justice Commission for distribution to Northwest Health Foundation Fund II for “Justice Reinvestment Equity Program.” Prohibits police officer from initiating a traffic stop for failure to use lights or operation without required lighting equipment. requires officer to inform person of their right to refuse consent to search.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
This bill makes a few good changes to probation guidelines, but then prohibits officers from making traffic stops based on improper vehicle lights if one headlight and one taillight is working, which will lead to reduced safety.
Provides $10 million to The Northwest Health Foundation which is dedicated to “eliminating laws rooted in white supremacy.” These initiatives decrease public safety, and the most-impacted are the very citizens these initiatives purport to serve.

Fiscal Responsibility
Appropriates $421,857 general funds for Oregon Criminal Justice Commission to implement provisions. Moves $10 million from to Oregon Criminal Justice Commission which had been intended for a “Transforming Justice Initiative,” to the “Northwest Health Foundation Fund II”, to fund the “Justice Reinvestment Equity Program” to provide sub-grants and technical assistance by the Northwest Health Foundation Fund II to “culturally specific organizations” and “culturally responsive service providers.”

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