Watch Out; Predictions for the 2024 Short Session

Excerpts from Rep. Scharf’s newsletter on 1-31-24… Measure 110 Plan:  The Legislature’s Joint Committee on Addiction and Community Safety Response released a framework  on Jan. 23rd in respond to soaring overdose deaths and widespread open-air drug use on Oregon streets. However, it fell short of delivering on what voters are saying in every poll – Recriminalize drugs.   (Willamette Week). The Democrat…

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SB 3 One credit for “future planning” to receive diploma

VOTE: NO – Signed into law by Gov.Kotek 7-31-23, effective 1-1-24

After politicians LOWER graduation standards…drop-outs surge!

In the six previous years that Oregon measured how many of its students entered 10th grade on track, it was never lower than 78.5% — and that group of students went on to post a graduation rate of just 77%, second worst in the country in 2017. In 2020, the share of Oregon high school freshmen who passed enough classes…

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