Photo: Oil pump

HB 3305 Ban on selling diesel

Died In Committee

Legislation would pin recycling reform costs on Oregon businesses

Manufacturers of packaging, paper products and food service-ware may have to help pay for recycling programs in Oregon. Senate Bill 582, known as the Plastic Pollution and Recycling Modernization Act, secured a majority vote in the Joint Committee on Ways and Means Friday (June 18, 2021) morning. The bill relies on producers to cover the costs for an improved recycling…

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List of bad timber bills

Oregon’s forest sector and agriculture industry are under attack… AGAIN! A handful of BAD bills have been dropped and are gaining traction. We can’t afford to stand by and watch our way of life be misrepresented and misunderstood. It is our duty to make our voices heard and tell Salem the truth about our collective reality! Bill Summaries HB 2674-1…

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