HB 3158 taxes on diesel equipment

HB 3158
Died in Committee
Status (overview) of bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2023R1/Measures/Overview/HB3158
Committee assigned to bill:

This bill imposes a laundry list of taxes relating to engine emissions that would make farming or owning or operating any kind of heavy equipment in Oregon more expensive.

 Tax on tires

 Tax businesses that sell offroad diesel equipment.

 Tax the use of offroad diesel equipment if you purchase it out of state.

 Tax heavy equipment rentals of nonroad diesel equipment.

 Tax heavy-duty vehicles.

 Tax on license for dyed diesel for transfer to Clean Diesel Engine Fund.

Increases cap on Clean Diesel Engine Fund grants or loans awarded to 50 percent of costs when used for replacements, repowers or retrofits necessary to satisfy certain title and registration requirements for heavy- or medium-duty trucks powered by diesel engines.

The added expense will trickle down through farm operations to increased costs for food.

If you own or use heavy equipment, they are wanting you to register to testify.

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  1. Greater Idaho, started in Oregon, should be approved by Oregon as Idaho has sent the 11 positives out of 12 to the House floor. Idaho approves of the border move (NOT secession, repeat NOT secession, and it’s LEGAL).

    Oregonians in the NW and SW would save money despite the tax hikes. Unfortunately 4 counties fell short of signatures which is ridiculous. The move to Idaho borders means less food taxes on the rest of Oregon, how does the legislature not get this? Moving the border means less Oregon State Patrol to patrol all of Oregon. How do the NW Oregonians not get this? What about Pacific Power and garbage service, Medicaid? Are NW Oregonians unaware that they subsidize rural Oregon? Taxing equipment for farming and ranching means out of business, buy from China or IDAHO… no irony there.

    What about ODF? Less in taxes for ODF. ODW. State parks.

    And yet, why do so many NW Oregonians see a benefit to the move yet get silenced? A Claremont poll was done and found the majority believed letting Idaho take rural Oregon was a better idea than keeping us.

    Do not break the backs of Oregon farmers and ranchers. They will merely go elsewhere or find other work.

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