HJR 13 Increases property tax

HJR 13
Died In Committee

Status (overview) of bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Measures/Overview/HJR13
Committee assigned to bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Committees/HREV/Overview

This bill amends Oregon Constitution increasing ad valorem property taxation to 75% of the real market value.

Fiscal Responsibility
The bill exempts from ad valorem property taxes lesser of first $25,000 or first 25 percent of real market value of each homestead and requires the legislature to enact laws for administration of exemption, including adjusting $25,000 for inflation. This means that property taxes would no longer be capped at three percent annually and could raise it 30-60%. They are only required to lag behind market value. The legislative revenue office has not done any analysis on what dollar amount this will raise, but it has to be significant, and will grow over the years.

Local Control
After 1998 the growth in assessed value was limited to three percent annually. Property values, especially with the policies in Oregon, tends to increase at a rate greater than three percent, so over the decades, most properties have seen a huge gap between the real market value — what a home can sell for — and the assessed value, which is capped to increase at no more than three percent annually.

Free Markets
At a time when many businesses have closed and many many folks are out of work is not the time to increase taxes.


  1. This would cause many people to lose their homes or cause serious financial hardship. We have yet to see wise use of the tax dollars collected.

  2. Do not raise property taxes. Go back to logging for more funds. Or it’s been time for years for a 2% sales tax on non food items.

    • It’s not time for any sales tax, voters have repeatedly voted that down. It’s time for the legislature to cut their massive give-ways and feel-good programs they had no business creating in the first place, and open Oregon back up for business.

  3. This is ridiculous. How do they expect people to live in Oregon. There will be a great migration out of Oregon if this happens. Then what are they going to do for tax dollars!!! We need a Trump to run Oregon, make people responsible for THEMSELVES and not to rely on the people that are working to support all the ‘free’ programs. One thing that would help is ‘drug test’ ANYONE that has applied for ANYTHING free!
    These times are an embarrassment to our ancestors that worked so hard to show us how to get along with each other and support each other when REALLY needed, not just when someone wants something free because they are to lazy to work for it.
    I was a single parent and raised my two sons, many times not knowing where our next meal was going to come from, but I didn’t take handouts. I worked hard for what we got and my two sons are very successful with a great work ethic now.

  4. Please dont pass a bill that will put financial strain on Oregonians. We have been locked up in our homes, struggling on unemployment, getting no pay to be teachers for our children, we have dealt with wildfires, ice storms and windstorms. Mother Nature and our government here in Oregon have taken its toll on the citizens please! No on HJR 13.

    Thank you

  5. Greetings from Northern Kalifornia (Hillsboro). I am writing to you at great personal risk, having
    been on their radar for years. HJR13 is another jab on top of the countless occurrences of harassment,
    intimidation, vandalism, theft, and even some blackmail that I have been subjected to since being
    drafted into the NHIP (North Hillsboro Industrial Park).

    If HJR13 somehow passes, my property tax will increase by a >>> FACTOR OF 10 <<<. I'm not kidding.
    Native Oregonian, lived at this spot for 38+ years. Anyone with property near the front lines of
    "progress" will likely see similar insane tax increases. This is blatant targeting of those they
    want out, using HJR13 as a "paper bulldozer". Oregon's land-use-planning is being gamed.

    The same day I learned of HJR13 via a local radio show, I found a realtor's business card in my
    screendoor. This is like seeing a black handprint on your door as in old mafia movies. The thing
    that most people don't realize is that WE ARE DEALING with a mafia.

    Ask your friends to calculate what change they would see in taxes if this passes. What if the only
    ones hit with a huge increase are those conveniently in the way of developers? Please spread the

    I will now 'brace for impact' as I'm sure retaliation is being planned for my having dared to speak
    Poached Goyim

  6. Enough is enough. The state does not need another tax. The people in Oregon’s government need to learn to budget like the rest of us do. We have too many people already affected by Covid with lost jobs, businesses, homes, and in some cases lives. The fires also took a toll on many and could have been prevented had the forests been managed properly. again another Oregon government fail. No new tax.

  7. The Democrat supermajority has an insatiable appetite for tax revenue, and property owners seem to be one of their favorite targets. With the downturn in the economy due to COVID business closures, the last thing we should do is raise taxes on hard working Oregon families. Increasing property taxes will decrease the livability of our state and could be the last straw that causes a mass exodus to more tax friendly states. Therefore, I strongly urge a NO vote on this.

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