SB 774/SJR 26 removes kicker language

SB 774
In Committee
Public Hearing 05/31/2023 6:06pm
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A new Kicker income tax refund bill that is WORSE than the House version that was defeated. Bot SB 744 and SJR 26 simply removes kicker language from the Constitution and statutes dumping the money back into the General Fund for spending. This removes any accountability Oregon taxpayer have over legislature spending.

Oregonians are expected to collect, on average, a $785 kicker refund, next year due to surplus over-collected taxes being returned to taxpayers.

Senate Joint Resolution 26 would eliminate the people’s Kicker Income Tax Refund law altogether (because it is in the Constitution it requires Senators to refer a ballot measure to the people asking voters to surrender their Kicker refund).  Also, Senate Bill 774 is the kill-the-kicker  implementation language for SJR 26.

Please email and call the 5 members of the Senate Finance and Revenue Committee:

Tell them to vote No on SJR 26 and SB 774!!!

Do not steal the people’s Kicker Tax Refund:

1. Senator Mark Meek​​​ *** (Dem, Dist #20​)

2. Senator Jeff Golden *** (Dem, Dist.#3)

3. Senator Kayse Jama *** (Dem, Dist # 24)

4. Senator Lynn Findley (Rep., Dist.# 30)

5. Senator Brian Boquist (Ind., Dist # 12)

*** = Most likely to vote on stealing the Kicker.

You can submit testimony online until Thursday to the Senate Committee here!

Testimony is 340 Opposed to 1 Support – that should speak volumes.

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