Twitter Brigade

The Twitter Brigade is a group of people using their personal twitter accounts to spread the alerts urging testimony (whether emailed or in person) and attendance at hot legislative committee hearings, to spread tweets urging legislators to vote according to our five principles, to spread tweets giving the political rewards for votes made in accordance with out five principles or pain for those voting against them.

Some twitter brigade members with limited twitter knowledge or new to twitter need only retweet the tweets others have written searching with the hashtag #OROCL to find them. Other twitter brigade members may use,, the Legislature’s web and the Oregon Citizens Lobby Facebook page to find information for composing tweets. We also have a spreadsheet of legislators, their twitter handles, their party affiliation, and committee assignments to aid in the composing of tweets.

The #OROCL hashtag is a way to categorize tweets. A hashtag provides a way to search for tweets by subject matter in the search box. It is only effective if we remember to write “#OROCL” in the body of every tweet regarding Oregon Citizens Lobby. Then by putting “#OROCL” in the search oval on twitter, everyone can locate all the tweets with that hashtag written in them in order to retweet them. If the twitter brigade is effective, these tweets will be repeated many times. Please be careful to search for “all” tweets as opposed to only “top” tweets in order to find the newest ones. The tweeting and retweeting of messages will spread the messaging.

Don’t you love how our hashtag sounds like oracle, and we are a mouthpiece through which citizens tell other citizens what our state legislature is up to!

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