HB 4054 designate sports by gender


Status (overview) of bill: https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2024R1/Measures/Overview/HB4054
Committee assigned to bill:

The Act forbids males from playing in female sports. Requires each athletic association, conference or organization with authority over intercollegiate sports, post-secondary institution of education and school district to designate athletic competitions and extracurricular sports according to biological sex. Prohibits biological males from participating in athletic competitions or extracurricular sports designated for biological females. Provides causes of action for students, post-secondary institutions of education and school districts.


Chair Representative Courtney Neron
Vice-Chair Representative Zach Hudson
Vice-Chair Representative Boomer Wright

HB 4042 The Act tells some entities to keep males and females apart for purposes of playing sports, spending time in prison or jail and using some bathrooms. Requires athletic organizations, institutions of higher education and school districts to designate athletic competitions according to biological sex. Subject to a limited exception for individuals whose biological sex is female, prohibits individuals of one biological sex from competing in athletic competitions designated for the opposite biological sex. Provides that each Department of Corrections institution and local correctional facility, or area within an institution or facility, must be designated for incarcerating adults in custody of the same biological sex. Prohibits incarcerating adults in custody in an institution, facility or area that is designated for incarcerating adults in custody of the opposite sex. Directs each public body to designate the biological sex of individuals who may use a multiple occupancy restroom under the custody or control of the public body. Prohibits individuals of one biological sex from using a multiple occupancy restroom that is designated for the opposite biological sex.

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  1. Yes, I sent this to the Chairs:

    Support HB 4054


    You must support this legislation. We are sick and tired of our children being purposely exposed to dangerous and unfair situations because a few people may be confused about their gender, or are they just feigning their confusion to take advantage of the situation to the determent of innocent, defenseless females? Stop the madness, support HB 4054.

    Not to mention Oregon is the laughing stalk of the country because of policies like these.

  2. Not only should biological males NOT be allowed to compete in girls/women’s sports, they should NOT be allowed into their private spaces like bathrooms and locker rooms. PERIOD!

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