HB 2758A Abortion not reported to policy holder

Signed into Law
HB2758A Text    HB2758 Text   

HB 2758A prohibits disclosure of sensitive information to other than enrollee, will allow minor to have parents insurance pay for services, IE abortion without parents being informed of the nature of the fees.

Personal Choice
Parents rights are denied the opportunity to guide and care for their child in the most vulnerable of circumstances. Definition of enrolee per ORS 743.730 is the insured or the dependents of the insured. https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/bills_laws/ors/ors743.html (11) “Enrollee” means an employee, dependent of the employee or an individual otherwise eligible for a group or individual health benefit plan who has enrolled for coverage under the terms of the plan.
Fiscal Responsibility
At the personal expense of parents, this bill will allow providers to recoup higher fees for certain services because of government interference in their family healthcare policy. Shifts the payment from government paying for the service to the parents without their consent or knowledge.
Limited Government
This expands the governments interference between a child and their parent, by removing parents knowledge of such services. The provider can bill the child’s insurance provider and the bill will come to another address so that the parents who are paying for the insurance will not know about the service. What is the limit to the age of these services? Some say 15, but there are loop holes in the law that allow that to go lower. How much lower??
Local Control
The most local control is the family. This is destructive to the family.
Free Markets
Parents are not provided a free market to pay for services for their children. 

c) “Confidential communications (c) “Confidential communications request” means a request from an enrollee to a carrier or third party administrator that communications be sent directly to the enrollee at a specified mail or electronic mail address or specified telephone number designated by the enrollee and that the carrier or third party administrator refrain from sending communications concerning the enrollee to the policyholder or certificate holder.
(f) “Sensitive services” includes
(A) Sexual or reproductive health, including, but not limited to, family planning, maternity, abortion, fertility, gender transition, sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS;

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