HB 2004 repeals local minimum wage requirements

Died in committee

House Committee On Business and Labor     On TTV: HERE
Repeals state preemption of charter and statutory authority of local governments to set minimum wage requirements; declares an emergency

Personal Choice
A low starting wage allows those with no experience to gain on the job experience & prove to future employers their willingness & ability to work. It is not meant to be a 'living' wage or the amount needed to maintain a family.

Fiscal Responsiblity
I'm sure this is in anticipation of dramatically higher minimum wages, which will result in higher costs for gov't as well as private employers.

Limited Government
Gov't should not mandate any minimum wage laws. Wages should be between an employee & an employer.

Local Control
Currently under subsection (3) of 653.017, a local government may set minimum wage requirements for public employees, in contracts entered into by local gov't & as a condition for tax abatements provided by local gov't. This local control will be repealed, & the state will be able to mandate minimum wage laws.

Free Markets
Employers & Employees should be free to make such decisions between them. An employer who underpays will find he simply trains employees for others.

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