HB 2054 expands damages arising from interference with forest practices

Died in Committee

House Committee On Judiciary
Posted on TTV HERE

Will expand availability of action for damages arising from interference with forest practices including public or private entity contracting to perform forest practices on public or private forestlands.

The harvest of Timber is necessary for the protection of Forests and the economic viability in Oregon. The costs of actions by irresponsible people have cost the State and private business needed revenue.
HB 2054 will award a plaintiff prevailing under this section reasonable attorney fees and costs.

Fiscal Responsibility
By providing an avenue to recover costs as a result of obstruction to forest practice is cost effective when having to take organized and funded organizations that foment these types of illegal activities.

One only has to look at Reedsport July 2009, as the Earth First and Cascadia Rising Tide caused massive costs, estimated at $83,000 law enforcement spent removing the protesters. Repairing damage caused by the protesters exceeded $35,000 with court costs and other spending could exceed the $1.4 million value of the timber sale. The activists received community service, no jail or fines.

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