HB 2082 Imposes carbon tax

Died in Committee

Imposes tax on each fuel supplier and utility based on amount of carbon.

This 2015 Act does not take effect unless the amendments to the Oregon Constitution proposed by House Joint Resolution 10 (2015) and House Joint Resolution 11 (2015) are approved by the people at the next regular general election held throughout this state.

Personal Choice
Imposes a tax intended to intimidate citizen from choosing fuel types with higher carbon content. Such a tax should be put before the people to decide.
Fiscal Responsibility
Irresponsible allocation of citizen tax monies to use unnecessary taxation to influence consumer consumption choices.
Limited Government
Overextending government powers through taxation to Initiate an agenda that has not been sent to the people for approval. The proper process is to go to the citizens and ask them if they support this fuel type agenda not tax the producer and citizen for their choices.
Local Control
Disregards local circumstances in fuel choices.
Free Markets
Artificially places barriers to free market fuel consumption and production by using taxation as a punishment, disregarding the fact that the amount of carbon in a fuel is one of the factors involving the amount of energy in the fuel. More energy means less fuel consumed and less cost for the consumer.
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