HB 2269A Modifies Business Fees Subject to Clean Air Act

HB 2269A VOTE: NO – Governor signed

Status (overview) of bill: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2017R1/Measures/Overview/HB2269

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This bill as A Engrossed, adds fee schedule for business subject to federal operating permit program under Title V of federal Clean Air Act and a one-time supplemental fee. Authorizes the state to receive funds according to the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Agreement and establishes grants and loans for diesel engine replacement or retrofit (similar to SB 1008).

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Any increased fees to business will raise the price to consumers. The increased fees has little possibility of reducing air pollution.

Limited Government
The new fees will be devastating to many Oregon businesses and communities expanding the air quality program, and places new burdens on the state’s budget threatening current and future manufacturing jobs. DEQ’s own two-year study concluded that industry is a minor source of air toxics concluding that industrial emissions are not in the top six sources of air toxics in the Portland area. The top six emission sources include things like wood stove smoke, vehicles, and lawn and garden equipment.

Free Markets
This bill is a significant threat to businesses and manufacturing jobs. The framework would add extremely restrictive new standards without providing corresponding benefits to community health including: more red tape and an expensive air emissions evaluation process, new standards that are roughly three times as stringent that can't be achieved, requiring computer modeling that is extremely conservative with unrealistic exposure assumptions, and ignores millions of capital investments businesses have invested to reduce air toxin.


  1. Rebecca Roth says:

    Thiss is a Jim Crow law similar to when the Democrats ran the South-it's designed to hurt people, on purpose.  The Democrats have never repented of slavery, and they still push the same ideas that cause slavery–Jefferson felt trapped by the laws of Virginia.  He inherited slaves at the age of 14, and tried to free them his whole life, but was unable to, because of the debts they owed–slavery made the slave owe the debts of the master—just like the Democrats are making OR citizens liable for their spending.  This bill gives the state AUTHORITY to hold us liable to a standard we cannot meet.  Republicans promote initiative, Democrats squelch it.  Slave-owners always do.  Then they punish and kill those who are down and out.  This uses the power of the state to do it, instead of individual owners, since they have been barred from doing that type of slavery, so this type is called socialism, or if it becomes violent we might call it communism–though we have been trained to be afraid to speak the truth.  I am surprised it was given only an 8 negative.  It deserves a 10.

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