HB 2681 Prevents Inactive Voters being removed from Voter Rolls

Signed into Law by Gov Brown on 06/11/21
Status (overview) of bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Measures/Overview/HB2681

This bill prohibits registration of an elector from being considered inactive due to an elector not voting or updating the elector’s registration for any period of time. Reactivates any voter whose registration is currently inactive due to
voter not voting or updating voter registration. It effectively removes Oregon voter roll maintenance and creates a disadvantage to effectively prepare for elections, know who are electors, increase costs of elections, open elections to higher risk for corruption.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
People seldom notify the elections office of a move, until they register to vote from a new address. Their new address may be out of state. We should not leave a voter on the list indefinitely, People move on the average of every 4 years. Younger people move more often.

Fiscal Responsibility
This bill will require more ballots to be sent to people who have moved. Based on current figures, the counties estimated total cost to implement the measure is $17,376 per statewide election, or $34,752 per year since most counties have two elections per year. As of February 2021, Oregon has a total of 525,918 inactive voters; however, only 17,376 of those inactive voters have valid, current addresses which would require a mailed notice from their county clerk. The estimated cost is $1.00 per inactive voter.

Limited Government
This bill prevents the county clerk to do voter list maintenance. One of their chief responsibilities. Oregon allows 10 years of inactivity before removing an inactive voter. The NVRA only suggests 4 years and then removal. We are way beyond that requirement at 10 years. This bill would remove this safeguard altogether. People registered at local colleges and universities would never have their voter record updated from the dorms. Apartment dwellers would have numerous ballots delivered to them from all the previous residents from this time forward, every election. It will increase costs of elections. Facilitate Voter Fraud. Disclose protected voter status, by delivering mail to an address that is no longer accurate, but once was a valid address.

Local Control
County Clerks are in charge of their election. This will prevent them from maintaining the voter rolls in their area. Requires county clerk to mail a notice to each elector, any time, whose registration is considered inactive due to nonmatching signature or name change as of the 75th day before the date of a primary election or general election and for whom the county clerk has a valid and current mailing address.

“Never leave a voter behind”
It’s hard to not suspect bad motives behind the proposal


  1. Donna says:

    No! Conservative Oregonians are tired of stolen ballots and ballot harvesting done in this state. Drop boxes are unattended, not monitored. Most of us are wanting personal polling and the elimination of universal ballots and motor voter laws and an implementation for excuse required absentee ballots with ID. Most of us feel Universal ballots were implemented to create opportunities for fraud. We should take heed to history for example: France allowed mail-in voting from 1958 to 1975. It was replaced by proxy voting by law 75-1239 in December 1975. The reasons given at the time to get rid of mail-in voting are the same reasons not to reintroduce it today, namely, that it can and did permit significant fraud. We are no exception to this and our voting here needs significant change.

  2. Jeremy Garbina says:


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