HB 2772A Tracks household hazardous waste

VOTE: NO – Died In Committee

Status (overview) of bill: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2019R1/Measures/Overview/HB2772
This bill creates program for stewardship organizations to administer product stewardship program for tracking household hazardous waste.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
A voluntary program is already in place.

Fiscal Responsibility
Creates a bureaucracy to implement this program with state money to the Environmental Quality Commission by adopting rules for an annual registration fee to be paid by a stewardship organization into Household Hazardous Waste Stewardship Fund to pay the costs of administering, implementing and enforcement. The stewardship organization’s plan must fund the household hazardous waste stewardship program, including how all the costs are funded for the environmentally sound management of covered products during each stage of management, from collection of the covered products from the public through final disposition of the covered products.

Limited Government
The process is already in place for voluntary collections. This basically makes it mandatory for the manufacturers to re-label and track these products until they are returned. Expands government creating a new stewardship organizations to fund and operate the Household hazardous waste stewardship program, which is a statewide program for the collection and environmentally sound management of covered products pursuant to a plan approved by the Department of Environmental Quality.


  1. Donald Reynolds says:

    Reinvent the wheel, more governmental supervision/control, products that cost more at the register so some faceless bureaucrat can have a “job,” ? The system in place works just fine, at least from a user of ag chemicals view. Who will enforce ? I hope they put in a door to door enforcement clause.

  2. Jon McManus says:

    Additional bureaucracy is not needed. All agencies could stand an overview of their mission. Result should be elimination of some and consolidating of some.

  3. arden ray says:

    This legislation would be unnecessary government oversight with all the attendant bureaucratic costs and, eventually, fines and sanctions for citizens. If hazardous waste was mistakenly put into recycling bins, Republic would educate its customers. So far I have not read that message in their mailings.

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