HB 2830 Increases Corporate Excise Tax

VOTE:NO – Died In Committee (2017)

This bill increase corporate excise tax from 6.6% and 7.6% to 7% and 8% January 1, 2017.

Fiscal Responsibility
Increases corporate excise tax rates from 6.6% and 7.6% to 7% and 8%, respectively. The increase would apply to tax years 2017 and later

Limited Government
Increases government control over corporations. From 1987 to 2008 corporations were taxed at a flat rate of 6.6%. Since 2009, corporations have been subject to a two bracket rate structure. For 2009 and 2010, the top rate was 7.9% for income above $250,000. For 2011 and 2012, the top rate was reduced to 7.6%. Since 2013, the top rate of 7.6% has applied to income above $1 million.

Free Markets
Reduces corporate profits or will raise prices to customers. May reduce investments in local communities, and job creation.

Over 150 testimonies pleading for support of schools and communities in support of this tax not taking into consideration that consumers and communities will have to pay for it.


  1. Vivian Kirkpatrick-Pilger says:

    This bill is raising taxes in an already overburdened business atmosphere.  This will fall directly on the consumer, who are also voters.  This state doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem.  Please use last year’s budget with this year’s revenue and perhaps the legislators will come closer to a balanced budget?


  2. Robert Price says:

    This is another example of the leftist regime’s attempt to circumvent the will and vote of the Oregon Voter!  Gov. Brown and the Democratic controlled Legislature are totally out of control and could care less about the citizen’s of Oregon!



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