HB 2998 Business Forms Available in 5 Languages

VOTE: NO – Signed into Law by Gov Brown
Status (overview) of bill: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2019R1/Measures/Overview/HB2998

This bill requires Secretary of State (SOS) to make business filing forms available in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, and Korean, and a person submitting a form in a language other than English is still required to submit an English translation.

Fiscal Responsibility
The expense of this bill is unreasonable as is the bill since there is translation software. If completing the forms still requires an English translation, then why go to the expense of providing a translation service. Appropriate $50,000 other funds, but is uncertain what fees will be used, which is a fraction of the projected expense.

Limited Government
Businesses file documents with the SOS when starting a business and annually thereafter. They must also file to report certain changes, such as changes in location, registered agent, or ownership. Current law allows foreign business filings to be in a language other than English if the filing is accompanied by a reasonably authenticated English translation. Business filings are public records. House Bill 2998-B requires the SOS to make the forms available in five languages in addition to English. The measure requires a person or business completing the form with information written in a language other than English to submit a reasonably authenticated English translation.

Free Markets
Foreign businesses filing to do business in Oregon expect to make filings in English and have staff that knows English. People arriving in Oregon to experience the American dream requires assimilating and learning English. This bill will encourage pockets of segregated communities to crop up where English speaking citizens are afraid to enter to buy at their stores.


  1. Comm says:

    Stupid is Stupid does!

  2. David T Eckhardt says:

    Excuse me !! I America the USA to be specific, we do business in English. All air traffic control is done in English EVERYWHERE in the world. There is no reason for that to not be the standard. Apparently, all folks in the airline industry everywhere can learn it, I don’t think it is right for you to suggest by this law that these people are too stupid to learn it. I’m pretty sure you all think we are too stupid to understand your thinking, and seeing as you think this is a good idea your probably right.

  3. Lyneil Vandermolen says:

    What’s the point in spending over a million dollars to prove foreign language forms when people still have to submit paperwork in English anyway? This bill is just another excuse to keep wasting money and justify more taxation. It’s proof that legislators need to be switched out often.
    This sounds like a Democrat idea. They undermine American language and culture at every opportunity.

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