HB 3063B Requires vaccinations for all school children

VOTE: NO – Died In Committee

Status (overview) of bill:https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2019R1/Measures/Overview/HB3063This bill removes ability of parent to decline required immunizations for child other than child’s indicated medical diagnosis removing protections for unvaccinated and doctors who write medical exemption.  Allows unvaccinated child to take online courses.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Parents will have the sole responsibility of caring for injured children, yet have NO say in mitigating that injury or damage. A significant negative impact on Oregon families, and will create hostility and force many Oregon families underground, and without access to health care, putting a target on unvaccinated homeschoolers prohibiting them from attending or participating in school-related activities when the child will share physical space with other individuals. Added a list of 10 “Restrictable diseases” that are the subject to being vaccinated. Allows child who is not immunized or exempt to attend school that provides education program through online courses. This is the dark ages when they segregated for leprosy and untouchable of AIDS. Online schools will become a stigma.

Fiscal Responsibility
There is no recourse, no safety data, and very few objective studies on vaccines. The 1986 vaccine injury compensation act prohibits directly suing vaccine manufacturers, and instead injured parties must file against the government. The vaccine court has paid out 4.5 Billion dollars of tax payer money to injured parties. There is no control where there is no liability. This will be a liability for the state. OHA keeps pushing for vaccine uptake, and now the “baby on board” bill has a nurse come to the home of home birth families to discuss and administer vaccines, under threat of a DHS call.

Limited Government
This Bill is a massive government overreach! The government doesn’t have the authority to mandate anybody put anything in thier body against consent. This bill violates the Constitution, the U.N. human rights laws, the Nuremburg code, the Hippocratic oath of doctors, and a doctors right to treat patients as they see fit.


  1. Neil Stafford says:

    To mandate vaccinations, violates the constitution and the rights of parents to make health choices for their children. Even IF vaccinations were totally effective, it is still ther right of parents to choose.

    • dbleiler says:

      The bill addresses attendance in a school. It doesn’t not relate that to receiving a diploma.

  2. arden ray says:

    72 vaccines by age 2? That’s like sending your toddler barefoot through a jungle and letting her get bitten by every snake in there! You wouldn’t mandate subjecting pets to this extreme regime!
    I started teaching school in 1965. At that time, my list of students with special diets, conditions, allergies, and medications contained one or two names every five years or so. By the time I retired in 2008, my list was one third of the class EVERY YEAR! What happened? GMO’s and vaccine injuries!
    I advise you to stop with your mandates, or you will trigger les gilet jaunes here in Oregon. You should know that no one responds well to tyranny.

  3. Carroll says:

    Follow the money. Two of the best websites out there and I hope you will share this with others. Childrenshealthdefense dot org is leading the fight against this criminal cabal Nationality. GreenMedinfo is another top notch site with over 10,000 researched articles on health with all of the info on who, what and where the research was done.
    For those that don’t know the lifetime immunity for childhood diseases is conferred when you get the measles or mumps under mother nature’s conditions. Not so with the Big Pharma poison. The documented cases of those who have been vaccinated coming down with these diseases are numerous. The Government has given immunity to Big Pharma back in 1987 so they cannot be sued. A child injured by a vaccine must apply to the Government Vaccine Court. What I have found it takes over three years and as expected the Government doesn’t approve many. Pediatricians made lots of money giving the vaccinations. One pediatrician in the Portland area lost over one million annually because he would not vaccinate according to the CDC schedule.

  4. Ava says:

    72 by age 2 is not correct. It’s 72 by age 18!

  5. Billy Joe says:

    Leaked internal documents show 36 babies died after receiving this vaccine

    Measles Transmitted By The Vaccinated, Gov. Researchers Confirm
    ZERO U.S. Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported
    Yahoo News Story Admits MOST CHILDREN INFECTED WITH MEASLES OUTBREAK WERE ALREADY VACCINATED Against the Measles (link no longer works)
    Vaccine Ingredients – Fetal Tissues

  6. Dove Oldham says:

    Thank you Oregon Citizens’ Lobby for speaking truth to power on HB 3063. Please continue to speak up to stop this bill and many more like it.

  7. Magpie says:

    The original court ruling, Jacobsen v Mass, did NOT give unlimited right of forced vaccination to states. It gave a limited, emergency power in a specific case. Otherwise, it noted exceptions.

    One, that if there was harm involved, that rendered moot the whole purpose of public health authority. There is known risk of harm from vaccinations, which is exactly why the public is questioning whether the system is working in our best interest.

    Two, they could foresee the need for courts to intervene AGAINST vaccination if it were “arbitrary and oppressive.” I think the CDC’s ever-expanding list of product being forced upon us without testing and without manufacturer liability meets that description.

    Third, the plaintiff in that case paid a fine. He was not force vaccinated. The state of Oregon wants to our publicly funded schools for extortion, using something I am heavily taxed for as leverage for a cause I don’t agree with. Can I withhold my taxes?

    Glad to see that others find this as outrageous as I do. I see in Rockland NY parents were able to argue against a faux emergency, which is what we have here. But I know of no group bringing legal challenges against this state overreach.

  8. David T Eckhardt says:

    A basic tenet of society is to protect all that is reasonable. The diseases that we take vaccinations against for the most part were vaccinated out of existence in our country and it stayed that way for over 50 years till all these supposed freedoms to injure others started. As a member of society, you have the obligation to take all reasonable steps to not become a disease carrier that infects others. The most vulnerable are infants, those under 1 year old. How anyone could cause harm to someone who cannot take the vaccine because of their age is beyond me. All of my family and all families we know have taken the vaccines with little if any side effects, along with our flu shots every year. These are the positives of our modern society.

  9. dbleiler says:

    This isn’t about the responsibility of being vaccinated, 90% are vaccinated and if you take out those that can’t be vaccinated, we are talking about 1%. Forget about all the arguments that current vaccines are full of chemicals or even the argument that those 1% pose a danger to other school children who are vaccinated – what a stupid argument. What it is all about is overreach of government dictating what they can forcibly put into our bodies – chemical and anything they choose. We are resisting tyranny, not vaccinations.

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