HB 3092 Creates crime of online impersonation

Died in Committee

Referred to Judiciary March 2

HB 3092 Creates crime of online impersonation.

A person commits online impersonation if they intentionally impersonates an individual with intent to deceive in a communication to a 3rd person using a social media profile or an electronic mail without consent, which causes injury. Injury includes humiliation, physical harm, injury to reputation or injury to professional or financial standing. Injured party has a right for recovery of damages plus court and attorney costs.
Creates a crime that is punishable by maximum of one year’s imprisonment, $6,250 fine, or both.

Provides that individual who suffers harm as victim of online impersonation has cause of action against defendant.

Impersonation and identity theft has become prevalent in our society and especially among teens. It is a source of stress to the point of committing suicide. Some of this is happening by young adults that are of age. It’s a fear of all of us that we or our children won’t be the next victim.

Support this bill and tell unethical individuals there are consequences for such behavior.

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