HB 3265 Foreign criminal protections

Signed into Law by Gov Brown on 07-19-21
Status(overview) of bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Measures/Overview/HB3265

This bill prohibits a law enforcement agency or a public body from
inquiring into, collect information, detain or provide information about an individual’s immigration or citizenship status or country of birth unless for investigation, but not to assist federal agents. Places Oregon citizens and police officers in danger.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Refusing federal protection from illegal criminal individuals puts the state at risk and all Oregonians.

Fiscal Responsibility
Amendment B appropriates $905,071.

Limited Government
HB 3265B prohibits a law enforcement agency or a public body from denying services, benefits, privileges or opportunities to an individual in custody, or on parole, probation or post-prison supervision, on the basis of known or suspected immigration status, or other related federal immigration request or a civil immigration warrant, and stipulates a number of protections for foreign nationals if they are taken into custody by law enforcement. Limits authority of law enforcement to inquire into an individuals immigration or citizenship status to circumstances specified. Prohibits the use of public resources to assist in federal immigration enforcement and specifies those prohibited actions. Requires a public body to decline any request or communication for assistance from federal immigration authority and to report the request or communication to the director or similar management personnel of the public body. The public body is directed to submit information about request to the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission for publication by the Commission on a website operated by the Commission as specified by the measure. Directs the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission to create an annual report summarizing the information reported pursuant to the measure and provide the report to the public bodies listed by measure. Directs the Department of Justice to establish a sanctuary reporting mechanism to receive reports of alleged violations of certain sections of this measure and identifies certain requirements for reporting mechanism and information collected. Prohibits arrest of an individual for civil immigration violations unless the arrest is supported by a judicial warrant. Prohibits a public body, law enforcement agency, or officer, from entering into specified agreements related to federal immigration enforcement. Provides any person a civil right of action to enjoin a law enforcement agency or public body from actions in violation of certain measure provisions.


  1. linda S fravel says:

    This is a Democratic attempt to use illegal aliens as citizens and protect them. Should they commit crimes how would information about them be captured. Illegal aliens have more rights under this bill than American citizens. This is a terrible injustice to citizens who are also expected to pay for non citizens. How many Americans have to die at the hands of illegals where nothing can be done or information found on them.

  2. Jeremy Garbina says:


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