HB 3390 bans sale of fur products

HB 3390 VOTE: NO
Died In Committee
Status (overview) of bill: https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2023R1/Measures/Overview/HB3390

This bill states, The Legislative Assembly finds and declares that eliminating the sale of fur products in the State of Oregon will decrease demand for cruel products, reduce public health risks, promote community awareness of animal welfare, foster a more humane environment and enhance the reputation of the state. This statement lacks knowledge of fur products claiming individual allergies are a public health risk. If we set that president we’ll be banning everything. Mink farms are also held to animal welfare standards just like the swine, beef, and poultry industries,

“Fur” means any animal skin or part thereof, in a raw or processed state, to which hair, fleece or fur fiber is attached. It means article of clothing or fashion accessory, but it doesn’t include Birkenstocks – animal skin converted to leather. So if minks were made into leather, they’d be exempt. Is this an animal protection bill or an attack against the rich who likes to wear real fur?

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