HB 3470A adopts statewide greenhouse gas emissions limits

Died in Committee

Companion bill: HB 3250 carbon cap-and-dividend program

HB 3470 will require the Environmental Quality Commission to adopt by rule statewide greenhouse gas emissions limits for years 2020 and 2050 and to adopt interim statewide greenhouse gas emissions limits consistent with 2050 limit every five years. Requires commission to adopt action plan for ensuring statewide greenhouse gas emissions do not exceed limits adopted by commission. Requires commission to adopt program to ensure statewide greenhouse gas emissions do not exceed limits adopted by commission. Requires Department of Environmental Quality to administer program. Authorizes department to require registration and reporting by certain sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Establishes required timeline for adopting rules under provisions of Act. Repeals ORS 468A.205. provisions relating to greenhouse gas emissions goals. Makes repeal operative January 1, 2017.

The premise or HB 3470 is that Carbon is the cause of Global Warming. The Science is setteled! Carbon is clearly not a problem, CO2 is colorless, tasteless, odorless and is considered the gas of life. Increasing amounts of atmospheric CO2 is not causing a corresponding increase in global temperatures. NOAA/RSS weather satellite data shows that there has been no increase in global temperatures over the last 18 years despite rising atmospheric CO2. In science the effect is always preceded by the cause. All 102 climate models published by climate alarmists have been proven wrong when compared to actual global warming temperature data. None of the predictions in Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth have come to past. 

Considering that the Economic Impact to Oregon Citizens, is not considered. This is a bunch of expensive Hot Air! (3) “Carbon dioxide equivalent” means the global warming potential of a greenhouse gas reflected in units of carbon dioxide. (4) “Cost-effective” or “cost-effectiveness” means the cost per unit of reduced greenhouse gas emissions adjusted for the global warming potential of each unit of reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

HB 3470 Repeals ORS 468A.205. (3) This section does not create any additional regulatory authority for an agency of the executive department as defined in ORS 174.112 Adds: (3) The commission may adjust greenhouse gas emissions limits adopted under this section as necessary to achieve goals consistent with best available science

No Local control, will come from the State. (a) Consider the total potential costs and total potential economic and noneconomic benefits and risks of the action plan with relation to this state’s economy, the environment and public health; The commission shall receive nominations for membership on the committee from environmental justice organizations.

By setting these stringent standards without the technology in place to create the necessary changes and challenges, will set unreachable goals and will by necessity raise the cost of energy, and the cost of producing and delivery. 

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