HB 3554 creates GMO free market production district formation

Died in Committee

HB 3554 text introduced      TTV

HB3554 expands the authority of Department of Agriculture to establish tighter controls on GMO ‘commodity plants’ including eradicating or excluding GMO plants, and establishes labeling requirements for GMO seeds.

Personal Choice
Gives the DOA the authority to choose who may and who shall not grow GMO ‘commodity’ crops regardless of whether or not the plants are already growing in the fields, and does not provide a method for appeal.
Limited Government
This bill would implement laws that were defeated in previous sessions and/or rejected by the voters. It would give the DoA the power to destroy livelihoods based on little more than the petition of a neighboring farm without providing any means of contesting the petition or actions ruled upon.
Local Control
In May of this year, Measure 2-89, which would have banned the growing of GMO crops in Benton County, was voted on and defeated. It was defeated in part because local farmers are already working together to prevent cross-pollination between GMO and non-GMO crops. In short, growers are already, voluntarily doing what this bill would mandate.
Free Markets
Section 12 establishes labeling requirements, record keeping and reporting by retailers and wholesalers, and requires the reported information to be posted on the department website for public access.

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