HB 4006 Establishes Task Force on Economic Development

Died In committee
Sumary: Establishes Task Force on Economic Development.

Sunsets task force on December 31, 2017.
Declares emergency, effective on passage

Fiscal Responsibility
HB 4006  establishes a Task Force on Economic Development.  Government economic development is a welfare scheme used to redistribute public funds to private sector projects.   

Local Control

HB 4006  eliminates local authority and influence by establishing a state-level Task Force consisting of a 10 member board with two nonvoting members from the Senate, two nonvoting members from the House, four voting members appointed by the Oregon Business Development Department, and the Governor shall appoint two voting members representing the Regional Solutions Program.  Four of the board members appointed by the people’s representatives will not get to vote. 

Free Markets

HB 4006  establishes a task force whose main function is to circumvent the current acceptable tax systems and use those funds to compensate businesses that align with the government’s economic programs, while competing businesses, not in the programs, will have to make up for the difference.  It develops into a market of compensation rather than a natural market of free competition, which shifts the responsibility of risk to the taxpayers.    Without the responsibility of their actions, businesses are much more willing to gamble with public money.   The task force will foster an environment where members of the economic development committees are encouraged to attain the authority to decide which businesses will be allowed to participate and which businesses will not be allowed to participate in the artificial market of compensation.   

Limited Government
HB 4006  establishes a task force that will work to further the government’s involvement and participation in the free-market when government should be an objective arbitrator.   

Personal Choice and Responsibility

HB 4006  attempts to stimulate a segment of the economy through the delusional idea of controlling a portion of the market using a centralized economic plan developed by an exclusive task force.  Government “force” always erodes then eliminates personal choice, while simultaneously confusing the individual as to their legitimate responsibilities.  

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