HB 4015 Fish & Wildlife Advisory & Fund

VOTE: NO – Died In Committee 

This bill establishes Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund and Oregon Conservation and Recreation Advisory Committee to carry out activities protecting, maintaining or enhancing fish and wildlife resources.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
The bill has good intentions, but the objectives stated in the “whereas’s” are political in nature to push an agenda that may not be in the best interest of the state, and not everyone agrees with. Pre-obligating $13 million of taxpayer funds may result in cuts to needed social services and education.

Fiscal Responsibility
Creates a special fund for purposes, which duplicates the purpose for funding the State Department of Fish and Wildlife, but doesn’t replace or reduce that funding. Initial General Fund monies being obligated in the next biennium is $13 million. The purpose for the funds list priorities, but then incorporates any use. Conservation groups are already lining up to get their pet projects funded.

Limited Government
Unnecessarily expands government by adding another level of oversight and supposedly adds functionality to an inefficient agency – adding an Advisory Committee to advise the State Fish and Wildlife Commission who in turn oversees the department.

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