HB 4023B Broadband Services

This bill started as a good bill establishing the Connecting Oregon Schools Fund and requiring a report from the Oregon Broadband Advisory Council on the local broadband champion program. But, then they added the State Chief Information Officer authority to contract with broadband services for more than public bodies.

Fiscal Responsibility
Establishes the Connecting Oregon Schools Fund and appropriates $750,000 General Funds and provides for continuous appropriation for the purpose of providing matching funds to school districts for broadband access.

Allows State Chief Information Officer to contract or lease longer than 10 years related to infrastructure and compete with for-profit if it is not timely in providing service at a reasonable cost.

Limited Government
Oregon Broadband Advisory Council shall identify options for a local broadband champion program to foster and identify potential public or private partnerships and anticipated funding needs and sources.

Extends authority of State Chief Information Officer to contract and provide broadband service to tribes, nonprofit organizations as well as public bodies and allows to duplicate services under certain circumstances limiting the existing service the ability to expand and provide better service.

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