HB 4118A Good Neighbor Authority Bill

VOTE: YES – Died In Committee

Status (overview) of bill: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2018R1/Measures/Overview/HB4118
Committee assigned to bill: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2018R1/Committees/JWMCC/Overview

This bill requires Governor to work with US Forest Service to give priority to projects that increase services to produce increased timber harvest volumes, are self-sustaining and maximize financial return to Oregon. Requires Secretary of State to audit lottery expenditures made by the State Forestry Department.

Fiscal Responsibility
Requires Secretary of State to conduct audit of State Forestry Department expenditures or obligations of certain lottery money allocations for purposes related to federal forestland projects. Requires audit to include certain information concerning projects for which department expended or obligated moneys.

Limited Government
Requires Governor to review terms of Good Neighbor Authority Agreement that the Governor, the State Forester and the State Fish and Wildlife Director entered into with the United States Forest Service on March 29, 2016. The Governor and the Federal Forest Working Group of Oregon Solutions at Portland State University shall jointly develop specific recommendations regarding goals for the Good Neighbor Authority Agreement – leaving out the communities that are most affected.

Local Control
The Good Neighbor Authority Agreement will help rural Oregon’s economy as it establishes project parameters that affect timber harvest volume, job creation, fire prevention and response on forestland and economic stimulation. However, the bill makes no attempt to include rural Oregon in the goal planning.

Free Markets
Will boost forest bi-products opening that industry for rural Oregon.


  1. dbleiler says:

    Governor needs to act on her commitments.

  2. dbleiler says:

    Make the Governor accountable. She signed the agreement and has let it linger with no action.

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