HB 4127 Redefines marriage

This bill makes changes to statutes adding gender neutral language regarding marriage. Redefines "marriage" as between two individuals legally recognized under the laws of this state.

Personal Choice
The State Constitution is "The People's" voice. This bill bends the voice of the people until it is in direct opposition to the constitution.

Limited Government
The definition of marriage in this bill alters the definition in the Oregon Constitution. The Oregon Constitution still states that marriage is between one man and one woman. It is not within the power of the legislature to change the constitution or make laws contrary to the constitution. Marriage is not a business of the state, but the state has used it for it's means. The state is violating the separation of church and state by using the Biblical marriage as a reference for taxation and benefits. There is still litigation as to the application of the Supreme Court decision being applied outside of the Sixth Circuit District. That litigation contends "that the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals “recently ruled that Obergefell did not directly invalidate the marriage laws of states under its jurisdiction.” 

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