HB 5003 Establishes fees for nursery and greenhouse growers

HB 5003
Signed into Law

Hearing Held February 26, 8:30am, H-174 – details

HB 5003 approves certain new fees adopted by State Department of Agriculture on nursery and greenhouse operations.
These fees will come from rural areas that can’t absorb the expense.

The State Department of Agriculture budget, in HB 5002, requests for an increase of $2,955,416 in fees and other funds. This bill is a piece of that increase. It increases business cost proposing new fees for nursery growers and collectors, greenhouse growers of herbaceous plants, from $129 for annual sales of $20,000 up to $4,419 for over $2million sales.
Seed dealers wholesaler license fees – $500, added are inspection and shippers fees from $20 up to $45.

The Agriculture agency report implies that funds are needed to enhance the pesticide program and control invasive species to benefit nursery growers. The department’s study and outreach is in place, the real prevention depends on the growers, and these fees will take away funds they could use to treat plants.

This bill is prefaced as approving the fees that State Department of Agriculture has adopted. This process is contrary to law and beyond their authority until the legislature passes this bill.

HB 5002 fees and other fund increases budgeted depends on fee increases under these bills as well:
SB 254 motor fuel quality – Senate Finance and Revenue
HB 2443/HB 2718 fertilizer – House Committee On Agriculture and Natural Resources
SB 255 Veterinary product registration – Ways and Means Subcommittee on Environment and Natural Resources, referred to full Ways and Means without recommendation.
SB 256 nursery & Christmas tree license – Senate Environment and Natural Resources
SB 257 pesticide program civil penalty – Senate Environment and Natural Resources

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