HB2071 Reinstates assessment on health benefit plan premiums

In committee not scheduled

HB2071  repeals sections 3a and 8, chapter 867, Oregon Laws 2009 provides revenue raising related to the reinstatement of health insurance plan premiums assessments by Public Employees’ Benefit Board.

Personal Choice
This bill may not directly diminish personal choice but would most likely affect the health insurance premium costs related to those choices.
Fiscal Responsiblity
Further erodes limitations on health care costs.
Limited Government
Greater oversight of health care activity through the Department of Revenue filing system.
Local Control
any controls would be reflective of State and Federal relationships as they oversee health care payments and premiums.
Free Markets
As introduced by the House Interim Committee on Revenue,repeals sections 3a and 8, Chapter 867, Oregon Laws, 2009. which have to do with rates of assessment and amounts collected.

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