HJR 10 Amends Constitution to impose taxes on carbon emissions

Feb 18, 2015
Died in Committee
Amends the Oregon Constitution allowing Legislative Assembly to impose taxes on carbon emissions for purpose of funding reductions in carbon emissions and carbon fuel use.

This proposed Constitutional amendment is a Tax on fuel not for infrastructure or roads but to provide tax credits to subsidize wind and solar and programs.

SECTION 16. (1) may impose taxes on the release of carbon emissions into air or water or onto land. To fund a Tax and Trade in Carbon.

(a) Tax credits or other reductions in personal income tax and corporate excise tax;
(b) Construction or installation of alternative energy systems that do not release carbon emissions into air or water or onto land; and (c) Implementation of systems or programs that result in the reduction of the use of carbon fuels.

Voters will have an opportunity to vote if passed.

The free Market should determine the cost of fuel, not Government imposed taxes that are redistribution of wealth from every Oregonian, the least that can afford the rise in fuel costs, but will provide tax credits for others.

How fiscally responsible is raising the price of fuel that effects every aspect of Oregon’s economy, from the worker that commutes, to the producers of goods and services, to the delivery of goods in Oregon.
The Carbon Fuel standard SB324 if passed https://oregoncitizenslobby.org/sb-324-repeals-sunset-on-low-carbon-fuel-standards/
will also raise the cost of fuel  in Oregon, again not for roads or infrastructure.

This is Government imposing their will on the Citizens of Oregon, that is founded on Climate models created in 2009 that have proved false.
Carbon does not lead but follows temperature. Austrailia has reversed course http://www.climate.conscious.com.au/docs/new/CSIROh_18.3.2013.pdf

The State of Oregon is following the Social Engineering plan of California and Washington with money influencing from out of State. The scandal of Cylvia Hayes should put all the programs of redistribution of wealth under close scrutiny.   http://5440fight.com/connecting-dots-oregon-democrats-john-kitzhaber-kate-brown-share-much-common/

Clearly the people of Oregon are being setup by outside interests the likes of Carbon traders World wide like Tom Steyr, George Soros, to the originator of this scan Hedgefund trader Maurice Strong http://bit.ly/17qI4WN and IPCC United Nations What the UN does not want you to know.. http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/38199716

Why Carbon Taxes do not work in British Cloumbia is the same reason they will not work in Oregon.
Why Revenue Neutral Isn’t, and Other Costs of the BC Tax

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