HJR 10 Impeachment Executive Branch Officials

VOTE:YES – Died in Committee
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This bill proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to vest power of impeachment of statewide elected Executive Branch officials in House of Representatives and power to try impeachments in Senate. Requires three-fifths majority vote of House of Representatives to deliver impeachment resolution to Senate and two-thirds majority vote of Senate for conviction. Limits judgment to removal from office and disqualification from holding other public office. Refers proposed amendment to people for approval or rejection at next regular general election held throughout this state.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Allows for a vote by the citizens in the general election.

Limited Government
Currently, Oregon is the only state in the nation in which the legislature has no impeachment authority. HJR 10 vests the power of impeachment with the Oregon Legislature for malfeasance in office, corruption, neglect of duty or other high crime or misdemeanor. The impeachment would be started in the House of Representatives, and then tried in the State Senate. Impeachment of Governors is rare. In the history of the United States, only seven governors have been removed from office following impeachment hearings. The impeachment process will not be a partisan weapon, but a tool that can be used, if needed to maintain the integrity of the Executive Branch.

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