HJR 11 Raises tax on oil and natural gas

Died in Committee
Creates an amendment to Oregon Constitution removing limitation of six percent of market value on rate of taxes imposed on oil or natural gas.

Refers proposed amendment to people for their approval or rejection at next regular general election.

Text of Section 3b:
Rate of Levy on Oil or Natural Gas; Exception

Any tax or excise levied on, with respect to or measured by the extraction, production, storage, use, sale, distribution or receipt of oil or natural gas, or the ownership thereof, shall not be levied at a rate that is greater than six percent of the market value of all oil and natural gas produced or salvaged from the earth or waters of this state as and when owned or produced. This section does not apply to any tax or excise the proceeds of which are dedicated as described in sections 3 and 3a of this Article.[1]

The energy policy of the Global Warming hysteria is causing the cost to everyday citizens to become a burden, especially the least that can afford it.
Energy costs will be returned back to the consumer and users of energy.

Is it responsible to force higher energy costs when most of the Oregon economy is in distress?

With the Energy policy being proposed, this will necessarily cause Energy prices to skyrocket.. by design!

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