HJR 18 Terminates COVID-19 Emergency Order

Died In Committee on 06-26-21
Status (overview) of bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Measures/Overview/HJR18
Committee assigned to bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Committees/HRULES/Overview

This bill ends the governors emergency declaration in Executive Order 20-03 dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
People are waking up that numbers can be made to lie, and hearing no truth, they have had enough.

Fiscal Responsibility
The economy has been stretched to it’s breaking point. It’s insane to try the same losing tactic over and over and expect a different result.

Limited Government
The entire bill reads: Pursuant to ORS 401.204, the state of emergency declared by the Governor in Executive Order 20-03 on March 8, 2020, relating to the COVID-19 outbreak in Oregon, is terminated.


Rep.barbarasmithwarner@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.ChristineDrazan@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.PaulHolvey@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.DanielBonham@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.JulieFahey@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.AndreaSalinas@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep.JackZika@oregonlegislature.gov


  1. Deborah Swenson says:

    I feel this is not and never has been an “EMERGENCY.” Elderly people and those with compromised immune systems, and “underlying conditions” would ordinarily succumb to the combination if they contract one of the many strains of the yearly flu. Deaths have not increased. They are actually lower. I read in the Democrat Herald (Albany) that miraculously they have only had 4 cases of the flu this year. This Covid-19 is most likely one of the afore mentioned strains of the yearly flu and this PLANDEMIC is a HOAX. They have never actually been able to isolate this strain. So their so called vaccinations could be anything they feel like giving you, it could even be a case as some have suggested of experiments with eugenics. While the epidemiologists play vaccination games using people as guinea pigs. Oregon’s economy is tanking, many small businesses no longer exist, Many are unemployed, many are leaving the state. Enough is enough. Stop the ridiculous and dangerous masking. Stop the lock downs and social distancing, (there is nothing social about it.). Open the state, forget vaccine passports. Executive orders and mandates are not law. All of this is un-Constitutional. People were scared into going along with this charade for a while. But we are all waking up now. And we are angry. We want our lives back. We will not forget those responsible for this.

    • V Long says:

      Thank you Deborah. Needed to be said.

  2. Jeremy Garbina says:


  3. David Klaus says:

    Governor Brown has misused her emergency powers in violation of the Oregon Constitution, well beyond the 28 day threshold without approval of two thirds of the legislature. What started out as two weeks to “flatten the curve” has turned into over a year of lock downs and draconian restrictions based not on “following the science,’ but on flawed CDC data and arbitrary OHA metrics. The toll this has taken on businesses and the mental health of our citizens, especially children is staggering. It’s time to put an end to Kate Brown’s power trip and the holding of our citizens hostage for federal COVID aid.

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