HJR 203A Makes Health Care a Right

VOTE: NO – Died In Committee

Status (overview) of bill:https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2018R1/Measures/Overview/HJR203

This bill proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution establishing obligation of state to ensure every resident has a constitutional right to health care. Refers to voters as the Hope Initiative.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Access to health care is already guaranteed because by law all emergency rooms must provide emergency care to any one coming through their doors. Even though there is a need for health care, it isn’t a constitutional right.

Fiscal Responsibility
The state relies on federal dollars to provide health care, which are pulling back. A mandate obligates tax payers to provide dollars that may be competing with other needed programs such as education.

Limited Government
What this bill is aimed at is providing health insurance as single-pay, which isn’t the same as health care.


  1. Roger L. Hull says:

    Sixty years ago when I was but 18 years old I heard about old folks being taxed out of their homes. Well now I’m an “old folk” and it’s happening to me! My property tax has tripled in about 15 years, and every other tax and fee that the city, county or state can get its tweaking fingers on has increased well above the rate of inflation. Additionally, much creativity has been applied to create new and ever increasing taxes and fees. The net result of all this is I AM UP AGAINST THE WALL. I CAN’T AFFORD TO LIVE IN NORTHWESTERN OREGON FOR VERY MUCH LONGER. As anyone can infer from my age, I have been retired for over 16 years. Did you catch that? I just noted that I have been on an essentially fixed income for over 16 years. My income is entirely from federal service retirements (military and social security). If you will look back over the last 16 years, you will see that as a direct result of lagging cost of living increases the purchasing power of my peers and myself has appreciably diminished. We can’t keep coughing up an ever increasing percentage of our gross income (read purchasing power). I’ll admit that getting your medical care in emergency rooms on weekends is no fun at all, but IT IS MEDICAL CARE. Please stop trying to socialize our democracy! The result in time surely will be state and national bankruptcy. I can’t give more! If you take it, I must leave.

    • BJ says:

      Thank you for your service, Roger, and for speaking out. Please also send this letter to the Senate Committee on Healthcare: shc.exhibits@oregonlegislature.gov ?

  2. dbleiler says:

    This bill deceives the public. It only says the state shall make enough providers available for people seeking health care. But it opens the door for single-payer insurance, which has nothing to do with health care.

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