HJR 6 Increases Number of Senator Representatives

Died in Committee

Proposes an amendment to Oregon Constitution to increase the number of Senators serving in Legislative Assembly to 36 and modifying Senate legislative districts to be coterminous with county boundaries.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
With an increase in 6 Senators, this will allow the citizens of those areas more access and accountability of their Senator.

Limited Government
Answers the growing concern that people in certain geographical areas of the state are under-represented at the State level of government.

Local Control
Supports county representation to the Legislature. This will have a dynamic effect on the power structure of the Senate. It is modeled after the Federal example, giving weight to the population within the House and county government representation withing the Senate. This is the best way to balance power throughout the state. No one area of the state will be over or underrepresented as it is now with Eugene and Portland have weighted influence over the rural area.

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