SB 106A Creates Office of Public Records Advocate

Passed – Gov Signed

This bill creates the Office of the Public Records Advocate and the position of Public Records Advocate that must be a member in good standing of the Oregon State Bar. The measure also creates the Public Records Advisory Council and specifies duties of the Council.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
This is questionable whether forming an independent agency for Public Record Advocate will give the public more uncontested access when the function is like a mediator.

Limited Government
Creates a new agency and establishes Public Records Advocate appointed by Governor and confirmed by the Senate to facilitate conflicts between those who request and those who hold public records. Creates Public Records Advisory Council to nominate three candidates for Governor to choose one as Advocate, and to study and make recommendations concerning Advocate's role, and practices, procedures, exemptions and fees related to public records. Locates Advocate in Archives Division of Secretary of State's office, but removes the function from under the Secretary of State and gives Governor control.

Local Control
The Public Records Advocate shall provide training for state agencies and local governments on the requirements and best practices for processing and responding to public records requests.

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