SB 14 Plastic stewardship program

Died In Committee on 06/26/2021
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This bill establishes product stewardship program for plastic packaging and plastic food serviceware.

Fiscal Responsibility
Unlike hazardous stewardship programs, this programs is far reaching so a concise organization isn’t possible making it an over reach for government. General fund will continuously appropriates moneys in fund to Department of Environmental Quality for purposes of Act. DEQ will collect an annual fee charged to each stewardship organization according to market share.

Limited Government
This is a state run program that is an attack on the food industry and restaurants, plastics covered are plastic packaging; and plastic food serviceware generally intended for single use, including plates, cups, bowls, cutlery or straws. It creates a new enforcement unit that is more than just stewardship for recycling, it calls for compliance of worker health and safety requirements, and maintain a website with authorized product manufacturers and collection sites.

Free Markets
Requires manufacturer and food servers to track and document the fate of covered products. Requires participation to operate in the state.

Making the Producers Responsible


  1. Bombs Away says:

    Killing restaurants one knife and fork at a time.

  2. Marilyn Vigoren says:

    My grandchildren are both special needs and use straws daily and I am sure many other families have this same issue. This bill in my opinion is ludicrous.

  3. Donna says:

    This is more than ridiculous. The banning of plastic straws & bags was just a money making scheme for this state to begin charging for the bags instead of giving them away free. Now they want to charge an annual fee to use plastic plates & cutlery? What for? There is no reason to continue hitting this already hurting industry.

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