SB 1504 Spending Greenhouse Gas Emission Taxes

VOTE:NO – Died In Committee
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This bill directs DEQ to study potential uses of government revenue from program for placing price on greenhouse gas emissions.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
In other words, they aren’t going to pass any profits back to the people who are paying for it. It’s clearly all about the revenue and not about science or climate change, which doesn’t support this scheme.

Fiscal Responsibility
Government fiscal irresponsibility. Raising revenue must be for cause to burden taxpayers. Canada returns their cap and trade profits back to taxpayers. That is why they had support initially.

Limited Government
Enacting a Tax scheme on taxing greenhouse gas emissions, without the slightest idea on what to do with the revenue generated that will not make the slightest dent in saving the planet, is not best practices for government to place on taxpayers.


  1. Jan Craig says:

    While Trump works to free us, Kate Brown works to enslave us. This is a boondoggle, yet again, to pick our pockets. In a resent ratings report on Governors, Brown is rated 5th from the bottom – 45th out of 50 of Governors killing their States. Will you all wake up??! No more tax just for greed, not for good.

  2. Robert Powell says:

    To all Committee members

    The material I sent to you is all vetted, not science but politically corrupt. By my act you have been educated on the “Brundtland Report, GAIA the pagan religion to follow, and more-

    So to my point in a quote: Political concepts are not humanist in their objective, while humanist actions are not political by their nature-

    Cap & Trade is a soulless, morally corrupt, enslavement of society- and for what? the flash of insult to Oregon Society?

    As an Oregon Native, shame –

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