SB 1512 National Popular Vote

VOTE:NO – Died In Committee

Status (overview) of bill:

This bill enacts Interstate Compact for Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote. Refers Act to people for a vote.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Diminishes the value of Oregon votes. This bill violates the constitution by forbidding voters their equal right as established in the Electoral College. The Electoral College weighs every vote so smaller states are weighted more than more populated states giving Oregonians a 1.3 vote value compared to New York’s 1.0 vote value, and Oregon has a 1.6 vote value compared to California’s 1.0 vote value. This bill provides for joining a compact with more populated states, meaning that when joined with California, Oregonian’s loss their .6 vote value advantage taking away our voter sovereignty yielding to the popular votes of California.

Limited Government
This bill, in essence, gives away Oregon’s votes to the more populated states to cast for us at the Electoral College. Gives away our sovereignty to vote as a state.

Local Control
Local Control is completely negated. Anytime Oregon votes are substituted with votes from other states you do not have the ‘Will of the People’ in the results. The founders specifically wanted to prevent outside influences from interfering with the choice of citizens and went so far as to make sure the electors voted from within the state, not allowing the electors to travel to another state to cast their vote.


  1. Cindy says:

    No on SB1512

  2. Susan Hayes says:

    Please vote NO on changing Oregon to ‘Popular Vote’. We are a state who needs to be heard outside the greater urban area of northwest Oregon.

  3. Calle Moss says:

    Please vote no on SB1512

  4. Willaim Tyner says:

    The popular vote can be manipulated by localized groups who have been promised special treatment and takes away the votes of the rest of us. Such managed groups can be manipulated and bent to the will of the very few. I am heartened by the magnificence of our electoral college system which counts the votes in what special interest urbanites call “fly over country”. A national popular vote scenario is fraught with danger.

  5. Rebecca Wallace says:

    I am absolutely appalled that SB 1512 is even being considered given that it would egregiously diminish the value of every Oregonian vote. I am not willing, nor will I ever be willing to cede my vote to California.

    I strongly urge you to PROTECT Oregon’s sovereignty to vote as a state in Presidential elections. Vote NO on SB 1512.

  6. Eddie ingbretson says:

    It is unconstitutional and nothing more than communism , you will not rob my right to vote

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