SB 1519/SB 1537 Creates Oregon Energy Commission

VOTE: NO – Died In Committee 
Status (overview) of bill:
Committee assigned to bill:

This bill creates Oregon Energy Commission as policy and rule-making body for State Department of Energy and required to develop a statewide strategic energy plan. Modifies, transfers or repeals certain energy programs. (Same as SB 1537. HB 4148 also establishes the Oregon Energy Board as an administrative body)

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Encourages energy-efficient modes of transportation, but removes the private sector of our free enterprise system for consideration. Basic human needs of every citizen, present and future are no longer a priority.

Limited Government
Unnecessary growth of government and places authority of the State Department of Energy under a commission that isn’t accountable to anyone. Allows the commission to make laws by rule as to how they will administer laws they and the department are charged with. Transfers duties and powers from the Department of Energy to the Commission and receives regular reports from, and act in an advisory capacity to the Energy Facility Siting Council and the Oregon Hanford Cleanup Board. The Commission is to compile research, analyze and monitor energy developments.

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